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'We met Karl Egleton whilst on holiday with Sunsail in Turkey, where he taught my children then aged 4 and 3 swimming for 2 weeks. During that time we watched every one of the lessons that Karl taught each child and therefore feel we are very well placed to offer our views on his character and teaching style, especially in light of the experiences we have had with some swimming teachers since!

Karl is an excellent swimming teacher. My children were both non swimmers at the time we met him and after 12 group lessons they were both able to swim without any flotation aids. My 4 year old son was even able to swim 20m and was also progressing onto sitting dives.

My husband and I were impressed in how well he controlled the lessons, the children were very aware that water could be dangerous if they didn't listen to him and do as he asked of them. However he also made the lessons fun and his enthusiasm was a joy to watch. In fact I noticed that adults who didn't have children involved in the swimming lessons were also taking an avid interest in what was going on in the pool and at least 5 people commented to me that it was so interesting watching how fast the children were progressing and wasn't the swimming teacher excellent.

There was one child I remember whose parents weren't even able to get him to dip a toe in the children's pool without him screaming, he was booked into swimming lessons with Karl and I was intrigued to watch how Karl after just one lesson managed to get him to overcome his fear and step into the pool, this was typical of the trust that Karl engendered within his pupils.

In summary I would highly recommend Karl as your swimming teacher and indeed am very sad that he doesn't teach where we live!

I am happy to provide any more information you may require.  Email address and contact number supplied'.


A.M. - Nottingham





'I met Karl Egleton during a visit to Faringdon Leisure Centre.  At the time, my daughter was a non-swimmer and aged 4.
My daughter has now had a total of 6 swimming lessons with Karl.  During this time, I have enjoyed watching her progress.  I have been most impressed with the relationship that Karl has managed to build with my daughter.
My daughter listens intently to all of his instructions and endeavours to follow them.  By the end of lesson 2, my daughter was jumping in the deep-end, using floats to swim and was competent and happy to put her face in the water. 
Karl is professional, friendly, firm, helpful and flexible.  My daughter loves attending her lessons and always has great fun and achieves plenty.  This can clearly be put down to Karl's manner and enthusiasm.
By the end of lesson 6, my daughter was swimming entirely unaided on her back for at least 20m, swimming front crawl and jumping in and swimming.
Karl has managed to develop a level of trust with my daughter that I did not think would be possible in such a short space of time.  Karl has managed to overcome any fear that she had with the water.
In summary, I highly recommend Karl (and have done so to friends) as a swimming instructor.'
N.Y. - Faringdon, Oxon
'Karl's encouraging lessons were exactly what my reluctant little swimmer needed (and the immediate improvement was just the motivation required to persuade him that swimming could be fun if done effectively) - thank you for relaunching his enjoyment of swimming!'
I.B. - Faringdon, Oxon

I contacted Karl ten months ago (March 2010) as I was training for the Blenheim triathlon but I hadn’t done much swimming since I was at school and could only manage 150m in the pool!


After one lesson, Karl knew exactly how he could help me and I soon improved massively. I really enjoyed the training for the triathlons and this led me to join the weekly group session on Wednesdays. These have been great fun and have helped improve my technique and motivation.


After my last tri in September I decided I really wanted to focus on swimming as I was beginning to realise this was where my strength lay. From this I joined Karl’s Personal Coaching Programme, which has taken my swimming to a whole new level. In the three months to date we have covered many different stokes and distances, including 1500m freestyle, where I improved from 31.09 to 27.18 minutes, and 50m backstroke, which has become one of my favourite events and which within a few weeks I have gone from 57.03 to 44.51 seconds – a pb by 12.52 seconds!


Karl has also managed what I always thought was the impossible and taught me to swim the butterfly stroke.  I now regularly do anything between 100m and 400m individual medleys as part of training. It is only through Karl’s great coaching and patience that I am going to be entering county Masters galas in the spring next year.

C.S. - Faringdon




'I have been attending Karls weekly swim sessions since last September. Without them I would still be trudging up and down the pool, with no motivation to keep going or improve my technique. It is great fun to swim with a group of friendly adults all wanting to achieve, like myself,  a better standard of swimming.
My swimming goal has always been to be able swim 400m without stopping for rests. Thanks to Karl, I can now achieve this and he is determined to get my time below 10 minutes!
1:1 lessons have also been invaluable. Karl has a very professional approach as a swimming teacher/coach and I feel privileged to have him teach me.
Karl spends a lot of time and effort making up swim plans for me to do in-between the sessions and for that I am really grateful and can't thank him enough!'
M.S. - Faringdon
N.B. Since writing this, M.S. has achieved her 400m goal of sub 10 minutes with a time of 8.06

'Thanks again for the lesson last night - it was all very helpful and I
feel that, combined with the Mon and Wed night sessions, I have advanced
significantly since the beginning of the year when I started coming to
your sessions.  I think that I had reached a plateau before and didn't
seem to be getting any better; your coaching has definitely made a
difference.'  -  E.M.  Shrivenham

'I thought to improve as a swimmer you had to-do more and more lengths.
But since doing a months One to Ones and benefitting from the Personal
Coaching Programme I now realise its about quality not quantity.
After an initial consultation which focused on my goals for the month and a look
at my stroke technique, Karl devised swimming sessions for me to follow concentrating
on technique in all strokes, fitness and strength work. The end product was great improvement in all four strokes resulting in 13 seconds quicker for 400m freestyle and a whopping 31 seconds of my 200IM.
I now believe that for all round improvement the One to One sessions are a must.'
A.P      Faringdon
'I just wanted to say thanks for all of the coaching over the last couple
of months - last night went a lot better than I (and you, I'm sure)
could ever have hoped for! Considering that before I started the
sessions I was just ploughing up and down at the same pace with no sign
of improvement for months on end, to knock over a minute off my PB (for 400m) in
just over two months of training is a great testament to your coaching.
And I'm not just faster - swimming feels so much better (and easier) as
well now, so many thanks for that.'  - D.A.  Oxford