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Group Running and Cycling Sessions

Karl is coaching occasional running and cycling sessions throughout the remainder of the summer on the field at Faringdon Leisure Centre.  Whilst these sessions are currently for juniors only, if there is a demand for adult sessions there is a possibility for provision for that also.

The sessions range in abilities from those who have never had any coaching to those who are competitive in multi sports already ie Triathlon/Tetrathlon.  The running sessions are focused on improving technique primarily rather than pure fitness, with drills performed over a short distance and short runs to reinforce the drill or skill over 10-30 metres rather than repeatedly asking the group to run around a field with no focus or technique.  Primarily looking at how to run correctly to reduce injury chances, save energy and ultimately run faster for longer through better technique.

The cycling sessions are focused on bike set up, handling, gear usage and cadence, mounting and dismounting and for those who want it work on both T1 and T2 for triathlon (the famous fourth discipline.......!)

Group sessions are an hour in duration and cost £6 per runner/cyclist.

For any more information please email Karl directly.