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From complete nervous beginner to more competent swimmers Swim Solutions For All lessons cater for everyone.  Current swimmers with SSFA include numerous 3 and 4 year olds and some adults all venturing into the swimming lesson world for the first time alongside children looking to learn a new skill like dolphin kick on a lesson by lesson basis and chidlren further along the NPTS ladder looking for a boost or specific stroke development. 

Examples of lessons currently being taught by SSFA:


-  Ongoing blocks of one to one lessons for 7 year old having previously not been able to swim, after 6 weeks now swimming 15m bacckstroke and 10m frontcrawl


-  NPTS Level 10 swimmer who was struggling in a few key areas in group lessons so has been taken out of group lessons and is having fortnightly one to ones with Karl to polish off these areas in readiness for passing Level 10 at the end of the block


-  12 year old swimmer having ongoing twice weekly hour coaching sessions.  Having previously not swum for two years since swimming at Level 8 NPTS in group lessons.  After 8 weeks of coaching, is now approaching Couny Consideration Times for a number of events 


-  NPTS Stage 4 swimmer having intense block of 5 lessons as had not passed the sculling and dolphin kick part of the assessment this term.  Concentrating solely on these skills to pass after the block


-  5 year old having come to Swim Solutions For All soon after havingt he confidence to take off flotation aids, take feet off the bottom and place head underwater, just finished her first block of five lessons and now able to swim 10m frontcrawl and 5m backstroke


-  Adult triathlete having one to one coaching alongside attending Group Coaching to improve frontcrawl*****update 30th September after 4 weeks improved stroke awareness immeasurably and feels 'smoother and more relaxed' whilst swimming, managed to drop 400m frontcrawl time from 11.58 to 11.08 whilst feeling less tired and more able to complete a bike and run*****Update 21st April having continued with occasional one to ones and weekly group coaching sessions 400m time has now dropped to 9.25******* Update 5th October having joined the personal programme for one month in addition to the Wednesday group sessions 400m time is now down to 8.06


- Adult triathlete utilising the monthly online coaching in association with attending Group Coaching with a view to developing all round ability in 200IM whilst dropping swim times for triathlons from sprint to Olympic distance events


-  Adult attending one to ones with a view to improving stroke efficiency and improving strength and speed for a channel crossing attempt in the future



As you can see SSFA caters for all levels of swimming lessons and can be suited to your needs, whether on a lesson by lesson basis or over a block of lessons throughout a term.  Please see our Costs page for more details on block booking discounts.